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"You can only spread happiness and peace in others, if You Yourself are full bundle of happiness and are entirely at peace within... because it's simple... You can only give what you have !!!"

One Kind word can warm three winter months – Japanese saying…

"You will always remembered eternally for your Nature and Acts... So key to become immortal... Simple... Live in hearts of others"

Don’t wait until people are dead to give them flowers…

“But this is life… Don’t get over jolted when it is very high nor get depressed on your Lows – That Atma (Purush) is YOGI “…………..Says Lord Krishna in THE GITA (View...)


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I am a quite a Joyous, Fun loving, adorable, Blessed & Nature loving Soul.. with lots of affection for Family and friends. I am known among friends as a "Happy Go Lucky" Person. I have immense faith in that Some Special Strong Supreme Power which governs our life ? Call it as "GOD" - A Devotee of "Bhagvad Geeta" and Firm believer & achiever of the principles of "THE SECRET".

My family includes my lovely Wife - Deepa and my - Articulate & Intellectual Son - Zubin – The very First B.Tech (Aerospace Engineer) from the city of Surat to pursue his Bachelors’s Degree from prestigious IIT-Kanpur & a Proud captain (for year 2015) of winning team of Inter-IIT - Aquatics competitions – 2014. He is now for his new plunge into the practical fields after his Masters in Aerospace at Purdue University.

We are band of Joint families- Three brothers - one Younger (Kamal) and one Elder (Janak) along with my sanctimonious Father (Arvindbhai) and a Kind, Soft Hearted Mother (Aruna).

B.E & M.Tech (Electronics) - [University Topper and Gold Medalist in both B.E and M.Tech] by Professional Degree from SVNIT, Surat (former S V Regional Engineering), A MDP from IIM-Ahmedabad and a successful business Partner, CEO & Co-Founder of LEXUS GROUP,   ( Past President, SVNIT ALUMNI ASSOCIATION   (, and Founder Chairman, IETE Surat   (



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