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I am born blessed. A Happy Go Lucky person - Right from my childhood.
We are three Brothers. I am the middle child; Neither Eldest nor Youngest. As it is said in The Bhagwad GEETA - Medium Path is the most ideal & rewarding...

We grew up in Middle Class Family. My Parents are the most ideal one. They ensured that we all gets good Education and nurtured great values in us. I was blessed with a Prestigious Gold Medal - Standing first among all Branches in India?s one of esteemed Institution - SVNIT (Former SVR), Surat ( and gaining a Bachelor's degree in Electronics discipline in year 1989 (exactly 25 years ago).

The Era was of an immense boom & demand in Electronics Engineering - an Era of Birth of the so called first IBM Personal computer - First MS-DOS Based Internet and Google Communication was yet to gain its momentum. As there was a trend of so called Brain-Drain. I was naturally inclined to run away to the most lured country in world - The United States of America.

My Dad hold me back and pulled my leg. He was reluctant forced me persuaded me, threatened me not to leave India and MAKE USA in INDIA!!!! ???? I was annoyed.. Frustrated.. Having already applied for free - scholarships ? assistantships in various universities of USA.. All my friend were going abroad settling and I thought, I will be the most idiot, dupe - sitting here in this country with no hopes? This was what exactly was going through my mind.

After doing a 1 year job in R & D Sector of Essen Computers (Where I was responsible for introducing the First Floppy Drive to be supplied to Wipro Computers, to whom we were his OEM. So in process I developed INDIA?s First Floppy Drive ? in collaboration with TIAC, JAPAN) without having access to Internet or Google (As this technologies had not yet penetrated in INDIA ). Then for a month, I joined Blue star Electronics (Gandhinagar), who were making Digital Phones, I was back once again with the same adamant hidden zeal of going abroad. But as in INDIAN Families, I started compromising. My Dad was the same INDIAN Dad, against whom you can?t argue!!!!. Somehow I was being persuaded by my most endearing Mother. She somehow convince me but I said compromisingly. ?I will not do any jobs further and I would like to do business (A Gujarati Mindset) and side by side I joined my own Institute SVR as a lecturer?.

B.E. Electronics

I Started my first computer assembling firm DIGILOG Computers partly succeeded in it by taking a AMC in those time and had to repay for damaged hard disks of clients to whom I had sold and finally one day came a Bright wonderful day GOD has specially made for me.

One of my relative called me He was being asked by one big Diamond Merchant to bring up some Engineer who can accomplish his job of retrofitting a Machine with Electronic circuits. I straight away told him ?Tell me what do you want? What you want to accomplish from it? I can design and it could be better for you. It was a simple job of today. Showing a Video Image onto the Computer IBM PC-AT, which can be done today without any fuss even in a mobile.? The diamond Merchant was keen on making the machine and he helped me in getting all what was needed for R & D Components Electronics measuring instruments and everything. We ordered the First Creative Video Blaster Card which costed us more than 50K in those time, but the Success story then had started reaping !!! I was being trained by him. Forced to sit on the conventional machines with the so called conventional artisans for two weeks to learn Diamond processing.

We made the first machine working in months? time and that?s it. He ordered 100 machines for himself to start with. My Intellectual & brainy Brothers joined me, helped me and christened a different company. LAKEVIEW ENGINEERING AND THE LEXUS ENGINEERS in 1992 and then it is this days. we have developed / conceived / invented / partnered so many Diamond Processing products which are proudly called as conceptualized and proudly MADE in INDIA. Our company LEXUS Group ( ) is now an ISO 9001:2008 company with our partners / agents in various countries like Belgium. Russia, Finland, Switzerland, South Africa, Botswana & China.

Then I had done my MDP from IIM, Ahmedabad in 2005 and achieved my Master?s degree (M.Tech by research) from our same SVNIT, Once again scoring 10 CGPA out of 10 in all 4 semesters, while doing my Business?!!!

Today my son is in 4th semester of his B.Tech in Aerospace Engineering from IIT-Kanpur?and he is also enjoying what he is doing?

FOR ALL THIS... I Believe that it was all scripted like this beforehand by God. I was made instrumental and that?s it. We think that it was not ?ME? who had created but believe me when I say this that it was all Pre-written and pre-designed in that beautiful way.


My Life's Motto: Do your Part (Karma).. You are Specially created by God to perform some pre-defined duties…The Results are expected and of course are not in your hand & of course live your life fully…
My Belief: Lord Krishna in Geeta, Jalaram Bapa
My Religion : Multi Religion … would always love to adapt the good part of all religion esp.. Love… Hindu by Birth..
My Birth Date: 15th December , 1967… 00:50 @ Surat.
My Country: INDIA
My Height: 6’1½”…(186 cms)
My First Look: Dark , Tall , Handsome
My Sun Sign: Sagittarius.. Born Lucky..
My Moon Sign: Taurus.. (Vrishabh) ..BAA,VAA,UUU
My Wife: Deepa born on 16th September, 1970 @ Mumbai… Beautiful … Loving … Caring …
My Son: Zubin born on 23rd August , 1994 @ Kalyan (Thane) …A very matured, intelligent, futuristic..…. A Kind of an Ideal Son one may desire…
My Brothers: Janak (Elder) and Kamal (Younger) … A Team of Dedicated , motivated , intelligent ..articulate Band..
My Mother: Arunaben – A perfect Mother … One can desire..Kind.. Generous..Sweet…loving..An Angel..
My Father: Arvindbhai … A Rich tradition of Virtues and wisdom.
My Idol: Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi
My Luck: Very Lucky… God Gifted.. A Special mould of a god.
MY Passions: Nature... Green... Monsoon... Free World.. A Joyous world…
My Places: Saputara., Goa,Kashmir, Bali , Switzerland , Coventry (UK) & Rocky Mountains (Canada) … Alaska (USA) ….Of lovely SURAT(INDIA)
My Sports: Cricket Of course... A Bit of interest in all the out-door games ….
My Activities: Live life fully … So you do not have to repent on what you were not able to enjoy…
My Books: "Who will cry when you die" from Robin Sharma
My Music: Melodious Old and New Hindi Songs .. Of course Melodious English Songs.. Celen Dion, Michael Jackson.. My Tv shows:National Geographic, Discovery, Star Movies, HBO
My Films: Dil Chahta Hein, Sholay, Life is Beautiful,
My Cuisines: Indian / Italian

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